Greedy Christmas In Winter Wonderland


Discovering London is for itself an exhilarating experience. However, discovering London in December, when the magic of Christmas is spreading all over the place, is like coming back to our childhood most Christmassy dreams.

Yesterday I spent my evening in Winter Wonderland, a Christmas Themed Funfair in Hyde Park.  I had a Bratwurst (German Sausage) for dinner in the Bavarian Village, after scrutinizing every single shop in the Christmas Market.


This is a place to have fun, to enjoy in full the Christmas joy. However, beware because it is also a place for you to spend all your money 😉 the food smells amazingly; imagine waffles, churros, hot chocolate, sausages, chips, chocolates and sweets everywhere. The Christmas Markets give you the chance to get different decorations and gifts and also to indulge yourself with any handmade accessory. Then the carrousels, the roller coasters, the haunted mansions… so many entertainments are asking for you to go in. And, I must warn you in advance, cash withdrawals are not free in Winter Wonderland. You have to pay £2.95 just to get cash, which is a complete rip off.


Nevertheless, in times like this we need to try to close the eyes to consumption, crazy shopping and rip offs, and just try to enjoy the moment. What I really enjoy about these markets is that you can experience tastes from different countries, and you can also find different Christmas decorations typical of different cultures.


Isn´t this one of the best things about Christmas? 😉

With love,


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