The “Essential” This Winter

InstaSize_1205191502Cold days are really coming and we have to prepare mentally for them. However, cold days require also wardrobe preparation, and what is best to make these winter days look more appealing than a little fashion inspiration? 🙂

Since I arrived to London I have experienced cold in a different way. Portuguese weather is definitely warmer, but I really didn’t have to walk so much, I would use my car to go to work. So, despite enjoying winter hats and beanies, I didn’t feel a real need to use them; in London, I do feel a real need for them. Oooooh, what a shame, I had to go shopping! #sorrynotsorrymoment 😉

So I bought a few beanies, but the best purchase I did was this furry headband that I am wearing in the picture.

Even if you think it is a “stupid” accessory, because “it doesn’t cover the top of your head”, I must tell you that you must see more than just a headband. It is really warm, since it protects the most exposed areas – the top of your ears and the forehead. Plus, in windy days (like the one when this picture was taken – last weekend, in Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park), it keeps your hair in place. It was the perfect solution for not to be blinded by my own wild hair in crazy windy days. Last, but not the least, they are incredibly stylish. We cannot deny that most beanies make us look a bit “childish”. Not in a bad way, but still, if you are in one of those days when you just want to wear a more lady-like look, or just look more stylish and elegant, winter headbands are the best!

I am actually inspired by how well they look and how practical they are. And you don’t need a fat budget to get one. Mine is from Primark and the best thing is the amazing variety of headbands that you can find. In different colors, with different applications and different fabrics (I definitely want a wool one), you can just get 2 or 3 and then play different looks with them. Just check out my selection:



Are you going to embrace this lovely headbands trend? Do you own some already? Share your thoughts !
With love,

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