Cozy But Classy This Christmas


Christmas in London Rocks!

We are almost in December, one of the best months of the year. Oh yes, despite of the cold, the winter beginnings and all the stress that comes with festivities. But it’s Christmas, ok? So, if it’s Christmas, everything is fine and forgivable. Even when people go crazy in shops and almost kill us doing their mad shopping.

Being this my very first Christmas in London, I am absorbing all the British traditions when it comes to Christmas. I’ve always envied the Christmas Jumper thing. Never had one, but this year I am determined to get one so I can be properly dressed up for Christmas Eve Dinner. When it comes to Christmas jumpers, we all think in the same cheesy, incredible full of color and drawings jumpers, that are also incredible ugly but no one seems to care, because it’s Christmas and you’re allowed to. Anyway, given my limited budget I want to get one that is cheap and classy, that really fits my taste. I made a selection of cozy and classy /trendy jumpers.

Untitled #14


All this jumpers have affordable prices and give you the perfect look for Christamas eve without making you look a bit pathetic . even if that is how it is supposed to be. Are you also thinking in getting one? 🙂
With love,

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