Enchanted Places


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Before creating this blog, I had many others. The thing is I am not able to focus on only one thing: I am passionate about so many matters, that it’s hard for me to pick just one and write only about it when there is much more “in my closet”. Therefore, I decided to add a menu to my blog to celebrate a new change in my life – living in London, a new job, new expectations – and to include my passion for knowing new places. Travelling is one of my passions; I can’t dissociate that from fashion. As an Art, Fashion requires diverse sources of inspiration; and going from place to place, get in touch with different ways of living, different cultures… are ways for me to get inspiration.

Today I got to visit Richmond Park. It is best place for you to be in London without feeling that you really are. There you just lose touch with the busy streets. You get to be emerged in this unique atmosphere, contacting directly with nature, in such an innocent way… I’ve never been in such a beautiful natural place before. There are deers, rabbits, and even green birds – probably descending from parrots – ducks, swans, beautiful lakes and twisted trees. It is lovely, so lovely… It looks like you’re inside one of Disney movies! The leaves are turning into different autumnal color, which makes everything even more magical.

It is with no doubt an enchanted place! Hope you enjoy my pictures!

With love,


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