Welcome to London

IMG_20151017_172504 IMG_20151018_175043 IMG_20151023_090612

After my first week in London, I can tell that everything is going well. I am seriously on the verge of falling in love with the city. Or probably this is just an amazed portuguese girl, that comes from a small city, talking non sense. Anyway, I do believe that what matters is that I feel motivated. I do enjoy my new job. Lots of information to take in, goals to achieve… I just have to do some hard work, trying to not doubt my skills.

Of course now I don’t have so much time to create content for the blog. Specially on my outfits and mostly because I don’t know who I could ask to take me some pictures. But I am hoping I can share my inspirations in fashion and some pics of one of the most fashionable and stylist cities of the world 🙂 Fall here is so beautiful, even with rainy days. I love the colors and how the streets get that special Autumn essence !

With love,


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