A Big Welcome to Autumn

WELCOMETo celebrate Fall I want to share with you some key fashion pieces for this season. Cloudy and rainy days don’t have to be  synonym of sad afternoons. I have a soft spot for Fall collections. And, during this season, there are a lots of good stuff – the days start to get colder so you can enjoy sitting in your sofa with a hot beverage (aka: Comfy moments); the streets take the colors of the autumn leafs, yellow, orange, brown and red… and it means that we are a step closer to Christmas (which for me it is the best time of the year).


Coats for Fall
The Trench Coat is a classic, intemporal piece of clothing. It carries history with it. It was first designed for the soldiers during the First World War, but it was further claimed by the great Burberry. This season I think it is safe to say that the trench coats keeps in and it is a great investment for rainy days. Fringes are IN. In my personal opinion, I don’t like too long or too much fringes. It is too confusing for me. But I think that they somehow work quite well in some pieces, like this camel coat, and it probably will make you feel and look flawless. As the Trench Coat, the Leather Jacket is also an intemporal piece. This season the trendy leather coat is the one that is undoubtly rebel and rock n’ roll.


Shoes for Fall
Fringes are in for coats and for boots. I adore them in boots, mainly if the boots are in camel or dark red colored. These black boots are amazing, I adore the laces and the fact that the heels are not to high. I think I’ll buy one pair like these for me. Than we have the Mocassins and the Oxfords. I LOVE the Oxfords. I have a deep passion for these shoes, I wouldn’t mind to have them in all colors and shapes. And then the big tren:the ballet shoes in suede. They are IN, they are pretty, they are elegant… what could you want more? 🙂


Fall Bags
I have a huge crush on bags, I must confess. I need to control myself in this matter. This season there are a lot of models in the stores – the Backpack (which isn’t quite my style, but I like to see them in others), the Bucket Bag (the one I thought I didn’t like, but now I kinda do) and the usual ones. Red wine is a color that is very trendy this season and I’ll probably buy a bag in this color.


Cool stuff for Fall
Fall gives us amazing accessories to match our looks. Hats, for instance. They are cool, they make you cooler and stylish. I love them and they are IN. I still select some sunnies here that I liked very much. I know it is Autumn but that doesn’t mean that you will not have sunny days. They will come and you need to be prepared for them 😉
Hope you have enjoyed this post! What other accessories or clothing pieces do you find amazing for this Fall? Share!
With love,

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