Inspiring Paris


When I think about my biggest passions in life, three come to my mind: Fashion, Books and Traveling. In March I was able to go to Paris. It was a dream I had since I was little (especially the Disneyland part) and I had a big crush for the city and its culture (now I am in love). I was in pursue for the main monuemnts and museums. Of course I did go to the Champ Elysees, but only to stare at the luxury stores windows like a puppy in the rain (literally in the rain. I had bad luck and the weather was cloudy and very cold).  Two nights ago I had this dream of me in Paris, with incredible people from the fashion and literary world, having the time of my life. As I told you recently, I am unemployed, a situation that I hate, and finishing my Master. So, I am so looking forward to find another job that I really like, that I start to have these dreams 🙂

This photo reminds me that sometimes it is good to be small when confronted with such great things, like the Eiffel Tower. It keeps our heart humble and reminds us that we can always go further and we should never stop dreaming about what we want to do and to achieve in life. I also like this photo because I look like a dwarf compared with the Eiffel Tower 😀 I am a tall girl (1.78 meters), and I often feel self-conscious about my height and somehow displaced (Portuguese people aren’t tall).

I’ve done some travelling so far (well, I’m a normal 23 year-old), especially since I started to work and earning my money. Maybe I’ll create a section in this blog dedicated to post some pictures of my trips, would you like to see it? 🙂

With love,


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