A little German town named Cottbus

I believe every single place on earth has something unique to give to its visitor. It may be a romantic view of the world. I am not saying I loved every single places I ‘d visited so far; just saying that there are few places on earth that I’d deny myself to visit.

When I was in Germany, I stayed with a friend of mine studying in Cottbus for a year. It gave the opportunity to explore a different side – a little town, non-touristic, mainly residential and often a student’s destination due to its university.

Being little is not a synonym of being less important. It has its little enchantments has any other place.  I need to highlight the amazing library that students have in there. The building is really terrific, imitating some sort of wave, giving an impression of transparency and delicateness, as if a block of ice has remained in there to be shaped by the wind. I was really surprised by it.

I visited three cities in Germany – Berlin, Dresden and Cottbus. There was a constant in my perceptions. That feeling of deep sadness, revolution and somehow crimped frustration. I notice people were cold – which in cultural, specially while walking North -, but also dressed mainly dark colors, heavy metal styles, piercings all over the place, and hair painted in deep black (that was something I noticed, since it didn’t seem to me like a minority). Buildings are dark creations, having the brick as its main unit. Monuments are represented in tears. I think the weather is no help – it was cloudy. But when the sun appeared, I was able to see the tragic beauty of these cities, and that what I liked the most. German charm isn’t easy to come out. But when it does, it can leave you speechless.

Here I post some details that catch my attention in my morning walk through the city.


02-IMG_9656 03-IMG_9686 04-IMG_9692 05-IMG_9698 06-IMG_9701 07-IMG_9703 08-IMG_9719 09-IMG_9721 10-IMG_9741 11-IMG_9745 12-IMG_9747 13-IMG_9776

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