“Let it go” – a way to survive life

Sometimes you just need to let it go. It is an advice given by many in the last few days. And I do understand the importance of doing that, and I wish it could be that easy. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Ooh, I have to do it everyday… just let all the bad feelings, all the bad thoughts go away, free myself from anger and distress. In my workplace, I constantly have to do it. I never felt more like a Cinderella; I do all the “dirty” work, they treat me as an office accessory. I just hope that someday I’ll be laughing at this, in a job where I can grow professionally, where I can actually do what I like, where my ideas wouldn’t be ignored.

I am a person who lives everything very deeply and lively. As a person who has its career has a big priority in life, I’ve always been very hardworking, proactive and exigent. So, if something is important, like my job, I am all in.  However, I’ve learned to keep many of my emotions off, hidden somewhere in my mind. To conceal it and to not feel it, like Elsa in Frozen. But I have also to learn to not let the way people treat you define who you are, like has happened with Ella, from Cinderella. Amazing how Disney can still be so representative of my life, even when I’m a 22 year-old girl.

So, my conclusion is: I have to let go all the bad feelings, at least try to the bestI can. I have to focus on the good things. But there is one thing I can’t let go of. Hope. Hope that someday I will be happier and able to achieve my goals and dreams.

This feeling reminded me of a photo I took in El Escorial, Spain. It was a cold winter, and all trees were naked. But this one little leaf was holding on the branch, in spite of the cold wind, it was resisting and couldn’t let go the tree. I thought It was adorable, a metaphor for life. No matter how hard things go, we have to have the courage to not let hope die, to keep focus on your dreams and never, but never give up.

IMG_2771 - Cópia

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