The beauty of a place forgotten by the Gods

Two years ago I was in a place that intrigued me. It was in the middle of nowhere and I must confess I found myself bored. It is a place called São Pedro do Sul, in Portugal, and some friends of my parents invited us to spend some days in their home. I was incredibly bored. First, I already live in a village where literally nothing interesting happens. Secondly, there was there no one with whom I could talk. And third, I have a hell of a personality.

However, I was going to find some enjoyment after all. Those sites were incredible. The beauty of Nature was there, but in a strange, even sad, way. That place seemed to have been abandoned by the Gods and yet had this beauty that shines through melancholia. Its inherent loneliness was something that attracted me. In the mounts I thought it was funny how here and there we could find a little chapel, build with stone, just to remind God that the place existed.

I was there in hot summer days, and water was scarce. Everything seemed dried; all the plants assumed the color of yellow, except some trees, small ones.  Some parts of that place were actually burning due to arsonists that keep on burning the natural beauty that exists in this country.

God couldn’t do anything for that place. And yet it rested peacefully in there, even burning, even dying with thirst. Even forgotten by the Gods.





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