Cinderella’s “Have courage and be kind” motto and mine’s “True kindness is in my dog’s eyes”

Sunday afternoons are great for childhood reminders. On afternoons like the one I’ve had, feeling a bit chilly, what fits perfectly is a Disney movie. The new live motion of Cinderella was my choice. I was super curious about this movie, since it has so many actors I’ve been following in series and mainly because of the magical scenarios and I, being passionate about clothing, was in an urge to see the dresses.

I may add that the blue dress is dreamy and it didn’t disappoint me. Cinderella wasn’t my favorite Disney princess as I was growing old – I’ve always seen her as too passive, too innocent, too submissive – but that blue dress, even in the cartoon version, has always been fascinating me.


Well, I am not here to write about dresses. I am here writing because this movie reminded me why I become so disappointed with life. Disney movies made me believe that dreams may actually come true if you are kind, generous, if you work hard, if you always keep your principles and values. That’s a myth. A Disney myth, that I much adore, but it is not real.

Have courage and be kind. That’s the advice that Cinderella’s mother gave to her before her death, and all movie goes around that one principle. Have courage and be kind. A dream is a wish your heart makes. It is deeply beautiful, don’t you think? If the real world was like that, then I will be happier. But it isn’t. The real world is not a fairy tale and the raw truth is that if you are as Cinderella, you’ll always be downtrodden by others. In the real world nobody cares about your dreams, about your values. Nobody cares. Everything is done to get what is needed.

Kindness is actually a myth, I must say and highlight. Being kind has brought me nothing but sorrow and loneliness. In people, I don’t see kindness. Only greed, jealousy, corruption, falsehood, perfidy.  This is our sad world and truth.

Do you want to know where I see true honesty? Pure joy, pure feelings? True kindness? In my dog’s eyes. Those eyes can’t hide anything.  This may sound as a cliché, but I believe this is why we are told that a dog is a man’s best friend. There are no greedy feelings.  Loyalty and pure joy with a rub toy or just a stick.


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