“What you want to be when you grow up” and cats stuff

As Easter tradition beholds, last weekend I visited my godmother, who has already two children – a 6 year-old boy a 6 month baby. I am not good with children or with babies. Quite the opposite. I wasn’t born with that sensibility that is needed to be a mom, to take care of children. However, I am not here to write about me not wanting to be a mom (ever). I still remember with some nostalgia my childhood, but I don’t want to write about nostalgia either.

As social paradigms commands, my mother asked kindly to the 6 year-old boy what he wanted to be when he grows up. I used to love when people asked me this question, because no matter how stupid my answer was, they smiled sympathetically. Now, when I say what I really want to do with my life, they nod condescendingly and they say I have to get real. Well, this 6 year-old boy stopped all the jumping around that he was doing from the floor to the sofa, from the sofa to the floor (it was getting terribly annoying, honestly) and said I want to be a frog”.

What a crazy stupid idea. A frog. Everybody laugh like if it was something wooow and amazing. I just said:  “You want to be a frog? Jeez, you’ll have to eat flies and other disgusting insects”.

The kid looked at me like if I was the Devil. “ARRRGH!, he shouted, terrified by the idea. I’ve just crushed his dreams. I laugh. That was funny. A few minutes later, the kid was saying some other stupid things.

Well, this got me thinking: for a minute, let me be a little pathetic. I don’t want to be a disgusting frog. I want to be a cat when I grow up. You know why? Because they walk like lords, silently. They are clean and delicate. They are independent. They don’t like other people touching them – at least my cat doesn’t. And when they do, it is for getting what they want. They rub our legs with their soft fur, they purr and humans think that is soooo cuteeee. “Oh yes, my cutie, of course, here it is the gourmet food you enjoy so much”. Plus, they have claws. Even better, they have terrific eyes. That’s right.

If Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up, and if my cousin wants to be a frog,  I have the right of being a cat! Like Lady from Aristocats!

The inspiration for this little story came from my cat (we are terribly alike) and from my Easter weekend. Here’s a photo of the Lordest cat ever.

IMG_9419 (2)

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