Why Disneyland is the Happiest place on Earth

A few years ago I read an article written by one of my favourite Portuguese reporters that told the story of people stuck with their dreams. People who were their entire life saying they wanted to do this, wanted to go there, wanted to be that and have I don’t know what… Dreams and dreams and more dreams that would never come true. And do you know why? Because they were stuck. The “dream” was just that. A dream. These people would never do anything to make it real, they would never create the action needed to get there… They wouldn’t fight for anything, and sometimes those dreams weren’t difficult to achieve. Most of them were afraid. They have a dream like one has a religion. Their dream is like their God – the one they never expect to meet. This article terrified me; I am undoubtedly a dreamer and I intend to make my dreams come to reality. However, I couldn’t stop thinking: what if I am like those people? What if life makes me give up on my dreams?

But then I thought about what dreams have created. What Humankind, guided by dreams, has made possible. If we look around us, if we give an insight at all that we, as dreamers, have achieved, we must be amazed. So, not all humans are like the “dream stuckers”, am I right?

A very wise man, a highly creative, genius and inspiring man, once said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. That man was Walt Disney.

As a 22 year-old girl I find myself full of dreams. Fortunately, I was already able to accomplish some of them. And very recently I achieved one of the biggest – going to Disneyland Park (Paris), a dream I’ve had since I can remember.

I’ve grown with Disney. Their films, their music, their cartoons… Mickey Mouse is still my favourite face in the world. For me it represents much more than a mere cartoon – it is a symbol for creativity, work, principles, values, and for reaching the impossible. Disney films inspired me, they educated me with values that lack in society. They taught me how to believe in myself, to work hard to reach my goals, to be honest and sincere with everyone but mostly with myself. They inspired me many times to be a better person, they showed me how Good always prevails. They showed me what is friendship, companionship, love.

My expectations to go to Disneyland were really high. Seriously high. I was afraid I’d be disappointed, which is very normal in my current age (especially when you are kind of a snobbish by nature). Well, I wasn’t. I loved every single moment in that world. Everything was perfect. While I was in there, I completely forgot about the “real world”, about my life, and recent struggles. I was a different person, living in a beautiful land where everything was colourful, where I felt true happiness, where I wanted to stay forever.

It was a magnificent experience. Indescribable. I want to go back there, and I believe I will want to go there till the last days of my existence. Because there anything can hurt you, trouble you or shame you. There you are yourself and your dreams are possible, and nothing else matters.

This trip to Disneyland reminded me of who I really am. For those like me that are going through the crazy twenties, you must understand when I say that everything is terribly overwhelming – finishing your studies, get a job, be disappointed with the job, be disappointed with yourself, have to “give up” on your principles in some way… Sometimes it is really difficult to believe that things can actually get better, since our great efforts seem to be vain. We still don’t know who we really are, what we want to do with our lives. But one thing I am pretty sure: I was born to live, to fulfil my dreams and to achieve things in life that make me proud of myself. And we must not lose focus on that.

And that is why Disneyland is the happiest place on earth – it reminds you of the value of your dreams, of yourself and mostly that everything can be done if you are brave enough to pursue your dreams.

Here are some pictures from Disneyland Paris, so you too can get a taste of happiness.


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