The day I found out Mona Lisa was a Rock Star

Leonardo Da Vinci was always one of my favorites. I admire him not only for its painting, but also because he was a true genius, a pursuer of Knowledge and Truth. He was a Humanist and a Scientist, a voracious mind and implacable dreamer and fighter.

Mona Lisa has always intrigued me, not because I am an admirer of the painting, but because of its fame. That face everyone knows and pretend to admire as if they understood why it is so important. That face that probably didn’t belong to anyone real, that maybe has belonged only to Da Vince and to his imagination. That face that could have been a “renaissance travesty” or only a boy with feminine features.

What really mattered was my dream of going to Louvre coming true. I had other priorities there, other paintings that I really love and admire. Though I couldn’t go without visiting the famous Gioconda. Contrary to what happen with most people, I wasn’t surprised with the size of the painting. I am quite aware of its dimensions for a long time.

I was surprised because I’ve just found out that Gioconda is actually a Rock Star. While in other areas of the museum a civilized crowd surrounded the famous pieces, in front of Mona Lisa the war was on. Of course I already expected a crowd. After all, it was THE Mona Lisa over there. However, I didn’t expect to feel like I was in Woodstock. People – essentially coming from Asian countries – ran over themselves to see the painting, carefully protected with a double glass and personal surveillance. I literally felt like if I was on a festival, where people ran over themselves to be able to get through. It was the chaos in the Louvre Museum. I felt assaulted by people who desperately wanted to take a picture of the “star” and with the “star”. I can say that seeing Mona Lisa became an unexpected adventure which resulted in two bruises in my legs.

Any pleasure I may have experienced from seeing the painting in person was gone. The only thing in my head was the general stupidity in which I was also included, by occasion.

I am pretty sure that Da Vinci wouldn’t approve this mess, especially when he has others paintings so much brilliant than Mona Lisa is.

At least I have the proof of my adventure: Le Photo!


2 thoughts on “The day I found out Mona Lisa was a Rock Star

  1. It’s funny, I was just in Boston for the first time in a long time and stumbled upon Paul Revere’s grave, and besides being weirdly touched by seeing it in person, I immediately thought that he was one of America’s first rock stars. True story! And I agree…Mona Lisa has been rocking it around the world for years!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Elisa! I believe this is an interesting phenomenon, the way people react to certain “icons”, whether “real” – as Paul Revere – or only a painting, as Mona Lisa 🙂


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