A vision into Versailles extravagance and Coppola’s film

“Let them eat cake” is a quote attributed to Marie Antoinette, the queen that was able to evocate the same feeling among the French Court and the People: hate. I wasn’t there when her head was cut off by the guillotine, but take a moment to think with me: if you were a 14 years-old girl, that had never been outside your home (palace), if you were brought to a completely different country, where your culture was hated, if you had come to marry a boy that you have never met before, and was actually much uglier than what have been shown to you in pictures, if you have never known anything else besides luxury, wealth, extravagance, if you were going to live in Versailles where everything was luxuriant, bright, majestic, enormous, splendid and incredibly (apparently) easy….if you were to become the Queen of France with 19 years old…  what kind of person will you become?

Well, the truth is that she never said “Let them eat cake”, referring to the hungry people which were complaining about the high prices of bread. Other amazing truth is that Marie Antoinette was actually a teen idol. Yeah, that existed in that time either.

This short introduction about Marie Antoinette my not seem suitable, since we are talking about Versailles Palace. However, I believe she’s still a pop star, and I confess that Coppola’s Marie Antoinette film was the main motive that inspired me to visit Versailles. Louis XIV fingertips are all over that place, of course. Its extravagance, its absolutism, its “I am the king” style is there. But it is Marie Antoinette, its fame, its untold story that fascinates me.

When I was in Versailles it was only for one morning. It was rainy, my feet hurt like hell, and I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Le Petit Trianon, the place built only for Marie Antoinette. I do believe I will be there someday, with more time, better shoes, and a greater budget.

Here are some pics I took. They reflect the details that fascinated me the most. I was ecstatic with the lamps and chandeliers. I also took the liberty to compare them with some movie scenes, from Coppola’s work of art.


Ceiling – Detail



IMG_8638 IMG_8643 IMG_8657 IMG_8661

Chandelier in the Hall of Mirrors


Beautiful Clock

IMG_8685 IMG_8689

The Queen’s Room


IMG_8676 b78c956c3ba55d64d2a52445cd1d73f9

IMG_8692 IMG_8696


Ceiling Detail


Side Gardens



Luxurious Doors



Great Fireplaces


Versailles, France (2015)

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